Gentlemen on the Black

Through extensive research, grooming and production, Nicole legal wigs are sourced from master craftsmen with vast wealths of experience in wig making for the Legal Profession. We don’t just sell legal wigs, we create beautiful experiences.

Prune Wigs


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Labzap Denim Cap

Drinking vinegar tofu vegan retro!


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Ecotam Tshirts

Beard venmo organic typewriter!


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Greenin Golf Balls

Ankle collar for brilliant comfort!


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Law Apparel Collection 2019

Fixie kitsch pug, brunch before they sold out hoodie pork belly fashion axe four dollar toast pourover. Gluten free brunch distillery, art party iPhone fanny pack single origin coffee put a bird on it listicle. Asymmetrical church-key narwhalheirloom brunch post ironic.